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Maternal mortality remains a huge challenge for many health systems globally


Tackling In-transit delays for Mothers in Emergency

OnTIME Consortium is an innovative collaboration that brings together researchers, policy makers, and big tech company to proffer solutions to the challenges faced by expectant mothers and their caregivers. 

Our Mission

To contribute to global efforts to reduce maternal mortality by generating closer-to-reality assessments of geographic access gaps to critical maternal health services.

Our Approach

The OnTIME Consortium will leverage a three-pronged approach.


Our research will generate estimated travel time and distance metrics to emergency obstetric care facilities


We shall establish robust mechanisms to ensure uptake of research evidence generated on the project amongst policymakers and other key stakeholders

Open data generation

All data generated on the project will be curated and made available on open data repositories for use of other researchers.

"We must endeavour to preserve the life that is giving life"

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